You worked hard. You saved your company money. Your project came in under budget. You wrote the playbook for your division. You developed the best practices which your company now uses. You mentored others. Now, how do you prove it?

Your references can back up your resume. It is important that your references expound upon your achievements while it is still fresh in their minds. You don’t want to spend hours searching online for your previous manager, only to find they are not on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. So what can you do? offers a unique solution. We can direct performance related questions to your previous employers, professors, volunteer coordinators and others. The questions are tailored to the type of reference, and your experience. You can add your own questions that highlight your unique experience, skills and abilities.

Responses from your references are then compiled into an easy to read Electronic Reference Check (ERC) report, which can be included with online job applications, or posted along with your resume. Your ERC will always be available in your online account.

Get the confirmation of your achievements you need. Don’t wait, and risk not being to find your reference that can back up your achievements, or having your reference not remember the details because too much time has passed.

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Why You Need A Professional Reference Check Service

Are you getting interviews but no job offer? Then you need to pay attention to your references. Employers do contact applicants’ references before offering employment. Many qualified job applicants do not get job offers because when the prospective employer contacts former employers to conduct a reference check, the former employer leaves a negative job reference. The negative job reference can take any of these forms:

  • Slandering
  • Badmouthing
  • Blackballing

This explains why you need to find out what your past employer will say about you by hiring the service of a reference checking company.

Why Do You Need A Job Reference Checking Service?

The use of a professional reference checking service, such as, to peruse your job references as well as employment verification before you submit them is very crucial and highly recommended.

The contact of your potential employer with your job reference goes a long way in determining whether you’ll get the job or not. Hiring the service of a reference checking firm to check your references will help you to confirm if your job references will enhance your chance of securing the job.

A professional reference checking firm, like, will help you get your references together before you apply for a job. This will enable you to know what your references will say about you, thereby preventing you from being blindsided.

More so, a reference checking service gives you a step ahead in your career pursuit since the hiring manager has already seen your references and these will complement the skills stated on your resume.

Why provides a professional job reference checking service aimed at helping you get the job you want. Our years of experience in the pre-employment background screening industry has enabled us to develop the expertise needed to deliver a professional reference checking service as well as detailed employment verifications that our clients can trust.

We are committed to assisting job seekers get the jobs they deserve. Our job reference checking service provides an accurate way of confirming that your references will enhance your chances, rather than hindering you from securing the job you long for.

Our program gives you the room to ask questions about references that highlight your unique skills and abilities. We put the responses from your references into an E-Reference Check report. This can be electronically attached to online job applications and resumes.

We have a team of professional and experienced staff that conduct our job reference checking service and employment verifications. Our team will provide a comprehensive review of your references.

Discover What Your Former Boss Will Say About You Now! is experienced in conducting extensive employer background checks in accordance with the law. You need to know what your past and present employers will say about you to a prospective employer so that you can get the job you want.

You shouldn’t allow an employer to pass you up for a position or job as a result of a bad reference. will reference check your past employers to know exactly what they are saying about you. Contact us today to find out what is being said about you.

Are Your References Ruining Your Chance For The Job You Want?

Your resume and cover letter may be great, but what about your references? Your references can make or break you when it comes to landing a job. References can either confirm or deny your value as an employee to a recruiter or potential employer.

It is very important that a recruiter or potential employer have the complete contact information for each of your references, including their job title, employer, and email address or phone number. It is key that their relationship to you is identified; were they a co-worker, supervisor, direct report? Did you work on specific projects together? Which of your unique skills and experiences can the reference attest to?

Having a pool of references to choose from allows you to choose the best people to highlight your skills for the opportunity you are applying for. You should have between three to seven references who can describe a project you worked on together, or a valuable skill that you have. Individuals with whom you have worked closely, including teammates, co-workers, and former clients can make excellent references.

Don’t go into an interview assuming someone you worked with will be a great reference, and describe your skills in glowing terms. You need to know before you go.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Stay in contact with former teammates, co-workers, supervisors and clients.
  • Before you forget about that project you worked on, write down who you worked with on the project, and what each party was responsible for. What was the outcome of the project?   Was a new process created? Was a cost savings achieved?
  • Take detailed notes during your performance reviews.
  • Develop 10-20 specific questions tailored to your unique experience with each of your references. You may want to ask a supervisor about projects you volunteered with or took the lead on. You may want to ask a team member about your contributions to team projects.
  • Go to and sign up for an Electronic Reference Check.
  • Using your references contact information and the questions you have created, the Electronic Reference Check will create a report detailing your work experience, with an emphasis on the skills and abilities you chose to focus on in your questions for your references.
  • Attach your Electronic Reference Check to your online job application, get the recruiter’s attention, and get the job!
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Add Value To Your Resume

Looking for a job is frustrating. You send out countless resumes, you seem to be a perfect fit, but you never get a call. Or you are excited about a job opening, but you lack experience. You need to add value to your resume.

You can add value to your resume by:

  • Become an intern. Internships are not only for students, many paid internships have no student status requirements. Internships offer both experience and networking opportunities, and can lead to a job offer.
  • Volunteer. Experience can come from anywhere; it doesn’t have to be from employment. While many people associate volunteering with altruism, it can benefit your career as well. Your dream job is to be a fundraiser? Go volunteer for a local animal shelter or homeless shelter, and start a fundraiser. You want to be a Project Manager? Go volunteer in the industry you want to work in or any other industry that you are interested in. You will gain experience, and transferable skills. Project managers are needed in numerous industries, and you don’t need to be an engineer. Maybe you want to be a Finance Project Manager.
  • Keep learning. Just because your degree is hanging on your wall does not mean that you are done learning. Take continuing education classes, maybe you want to sharpen your computer skills, or your social media skills. Take industry related seminars, many are available online. Then when you get to an interview, you can discuss the classes and seminars you have taken, and how they relate to the position you are applying for.
  • Stay in contact with your references and know what they will say about you. Think of all the people who can attest to your unique skills and abilities, these people are your potential references. Having a pool of references to choose from allows you to choose the best people to highlight your unique skills and abilities for the opportunity you are applying for. You should have between three to seven references who can describe a project you worked on together, or a valuable skill that you have. Individuals with whom you have worked closely, including teammates, co-workers, and former clients can make excellent references.
  • Have an Electronic Reference Check. An Electronic Reference Check allows you to pose questions to your references detailing your unique skills and abilities, and projects you have worked on. An Electronic Reference Report can not only be attached to an online job application, it is available on your mobile phone or tablet, so you are always ready for an interview.

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Plan Of Action ~ Utilize Business Acumen When Applying For Jobs

A recent survey of HR professionals show that 45% of the recruiters and hiring managers were dissatisfied with a candidate’s awareness of the employer’s business and customers. In reality, why would a recruiter hire you if you have little knowledge of the employer and you do not take the time to understand the underlying business model?

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What rights do you have when you apply for a job?

If an employer uses a background investigation company to conduct a background check on you, the employer must notify you that a background check will be conducted and provide the name of the company that will conduct the background investigation. The employer must also obtain your written authorization to conduct a background check.

You have certain rights by law during the background investigation process. Background investigations come under the auspices of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Like most people, you are probably wondering why any law that includes the words “Fair Credit Reporting” would have anything to do with the employment process. The FCRA is an all-encompassing law that provides protection for individuals on whom investigations are conducted or information is obtained through third parties that could result in a negative impact on the individual. If an employer conducts the background investigation through a third-party, they must provide a copy of “A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA”. A copy of this document is available at the following link: You may have additional rights under state or local law where you live.

If you view the “Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA” you will notice that it can be a little confusing at first. This document applies to multiple purposes including individuals who apply for credit and insurance in addition to applying for employment. We will provide helpful hints regarding terminology used in this Act. A “consumer” is a person who applies for employment, credit or insurance. A “consumer report” is the background investigation conducted on you. A “consumer reporting agency” is the background investigation company. Information contained in the “Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA” relating to credit scores and pre-screened offers of credit and insurance are not relevant to the employment application process. However, the basic rights outlined in this document apply to the employment background investigation process.

The employer must notify you if you are denied a position based in whole or in part due to information contained in a background investigation. The employer must provide written or verbal communication to you that you were denied a position and the employer must provide to you a copy of the background investigation that was conducted.

The employer must provide an opportunity for you dispute information contained in the background investigation that you believe is incorrect or misleading. The background investigation company is required by law to re-investigate without charge any aspect of the background investigation that you dispute. You must be given the opportunity to provide documentation that proves information contained in the report is inaccurate. The following is vitally important and is unknown to most applicants. If you believe the background investigation is inaccurate, you must notify the potential employer that you wish to dispute the information contained in the report and the employer must hold the position open while the information is disputed. The background investigation company must re-investigate any information that is disputed in the report and update the background investigation with any new information that is developed. The results of the reinvestigation must be reported to the potential employer.

The background investigation process is flawed in that it is subject to human error. The individual who is contacted to verify your past employment at your old job may provide incorrect information. Another common problem is that your former employer may not have the correct dates of employment or your correct title. The high school or college where you attended may not be able to find your records. Background investigations are often outsourced overseas and individuals conducting the research may have difficulty finding your employer or school. Criminal records at the county and state level on occasion will not include or have incorrect personal identifiers (date of birth or Social Security number). Applicants for employment are frequently associated with someone with the same name and similar date of birth as someone with a criminal record that will result in denial of an  employment opportunity. A Google search of the phrase “background check errors” will provide the scope of the  problem. If you do not understand the background investigation process and your rights, you may be the next victim.

This website was created to provide information to those looking for work so that you understand your rights, understand how errors can occur that will affect your ability to obtain employment and how you can take matters into your own hands and get the job you want. Throughout this site there will be numerous suggestions and procedures you can take so that the background investigation process does not affect your future. The process an employer must follow includes what is called a pre-adverse action letter. This letter notifies you that the background investigation developed information that the employer believes may result in the denial of an employment opportunity or the rescinding of a job offer. It is vitally important that if you receive a pre-adverse action letter, you review the background investigation that is included with the letter to determine if there are any errors in this report. The employer will provide a certain number of days, usually between five and ten days for you to respond if you disagree with the information contained in the background investigation. You must notify the employer in writing that you disagree with the findings in the background investigation and that you wish to dispute the information contained within. This letter must be returned to the employer within the time frame they have given or else you will lose your rights to dispute the information contained in the report. If the employer does not hear from you within the five to ten day period of time mandated by the employer. The employer will send what is called an adverse action letter stating that they are denying you an employment opportunity or rescinding a job offer. We cannot emphasize the importance of this process. You must be aware of the pre-adverse and adverse action letter process to protect your rights during the employment process.

Most professional recruiters are familiar with the FCRA and follow the requirements of this law. However, many recruiters are either unfamiliar with the FCRA and they do not bother or do not have the time to follow the requirements. Applying for a job is a harrowing experience. You are anxious, hopeful, and you may feel as though the process is out of your control. Often, little time is spent by an employer explaining their employment process, your rights under the law and what will happen during the application process. We are here to help you understand what goes on behind the curtain that is the employment application process.

You have a right to a free copy of the background investigation conducted on you whether or not you were denied employment. The background investigation company must submit a copy of the report to you upon your written request. Obtain a copy of all documents that you sign during the employment application process including your authorization and the contact information of the background investigation company. You will need this information to obtain a copy of your background investigation.

While many professional Human Resources Professionals follow these guidelines, not every employer will. Incorrect information contained in a background investigation can cost you a job. Misinformation can be developed repeatedly and reported on you without your knowledge every time you apply for a job unless you know how to take matters into your own hands.

Know your rights, obtain a copy of your background investigation and dispute any information contained within that is inaccurate. It is up to you to understand the process, learn what goes on behind the scenes and protect your rights. Once you find inaccurate information you can contact the employer, school or court to correct the information.

Even better, contact your employers and schools in advance of a background investigation and confirm their records contain accurate information.

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E-Reference Check Reports

You can include your ERC report when you submit an employment application or resume and get the recruiter’s attention. You can also post your report on LinkedIn, Facebook and anywhere else you want.  Employers are open to the idea of pre-screening applicants since it saves them time and money in the background investigation process. Using our process makes the recruiter’s job easier and gives you an advantage over other applicants. Our process is a win-win situation for you and your potential employer. Take control and take advantage of this service and stand out from the crowd applying for employment.

  1. Select your occupation from the list of hundreds (students with limited work history can choose “Student” and those who have been out of the workforce for some time can choose “Returning to workforce”, “Volunteer” or “Other” from the occupation drop-down menu).
  2. Enter the name and email address of your references- supervisors, coworkers, professors, teachers, peers and others with whom you have worked or interacted with in school, as a volunteer or other professional level.
  3. Review the list of standard questions that are created based on the options you have chosen.
  4. You have the option to send the standard questions to your references, or use an important new feature – Personalize your questions and your ERC. You can delete any of the standard questions and create specific questions relating to your occupation, education or professional activities to highlight your experience. This step will allow you to personalize your ERC and tailor questions specifically to your job and experience. Your questions will offer references the opportunity to further comment on the unique nature of your abilities, duties, performance and accomplishments in the work environment and/or outside of work as a student, volunteer, intern, etc.

Your references will receive an email that contains the questions you created. It will only take a few minutes for your references to complete the online questionnaire. The ERC process will create an easy to read report that includes responses from all of your references. When you apply for a job, your ERC report can be submitted with your resume to get a recruiter’s attention.

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