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What will come back on your criminal record check?

Criminal record research is not a perfect science and it is the source of numerous errors during the background investigation
process. Court records are subject to both human error on the part of court personnel and the individual conducting the
research. Often, records are inaccurate or they do not include personal identification such as a full date of birth or social security
number to correctly identify the individual in the record. There are numerous cases where identity theft has resulted in
incorrectly attributing a criminal record to an applicant for employment who was not involved in the crime. Individuals who have
common names are often incorrectly associated with another person with the same name who has a criminal record (due to the
lack of personal identification in the record).

Many background investigation companies utilize proprietary criminal record checks. Proper criminal record searches
must be conducted either through state agencies such as the New Jersey State Police, who have developed programs to allow
criminal record checks for employment purposes, or through a County Court. Unfortunately, to save money and automate the
criminal search process, many background investigation companies have created their own database of criminal record
checks. These databases contain stale information and records that have limited personal identification to confirm a criminal
record belongs to the individual on whom the search was conducted. Inaccurate criminal records are often populated into a
background investigation report that will be forwarded to the potential employer. This is a very serious problem that has
resulted in numerous lawsuits against background investigation companies that have reported inaccurate information on
applicants and resulted in the denial of an employment opportunity. A Google search of the term "Inaccurate criminal record
lawsuits" will provide you with an idea of the scope of this problem.

In many cases, an actual criminal record will not have a Social Security Number as an identifier. There are numerous
cases where a date of birth in the record was incomplete or inaccurate, which has resulted in a potential employer receiving a
report of a record that did not belong to the applicant. As discussed previously, it is important that you obtain a copy of your
background investigation each time one is conducted to ensure that accurate information is developed during every stage.

If you know you that you have been in trouble with the law, there is often a great deal of confusion about the criminal
justice process and the final disposition of any criminal matter in which you may have been involved. There are countless
instances where applicants for employment misunderstood the final status of the court case. A record that you thought would
not be found during a background investigation is available for public review and is reported to the potential employer.
This can cost you a job. 

What will an employer find during the background investigation process? 

If you are unsure if you have a criminal record that will be found during a background investigation, contact the court
where your case was heard. Court personnel will assist you with any questions you may have. Some criminal records can be
expunged after a specific period of time. Discuss this option with court personnel and determine if you can apply to expunge
your criminal record. In some cases, you will not need an attorney to expunge a record. Court personnel provide direction in
this area.

If your record has been expunged, there should be no record of this incident in the court database. Contact the court 
to confirm that the record has been expunged. There are numerous cases where, due to human error, records that have been
legally expunged can still be available to the public for review and found by potential employer or a background investigation

Human error can cost you a job, over and over again.

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